Telling myself sweetness

Am I smart?

Delighted in realms above

I see sometimes

What is not spoken of

Comfort then expansion

Succumb to

Heavenly scents

Captain winter

Did you lose your cool?

I remember it being different

I remember a lot

The treadmill got jammed

Call mom

Tell her something

Left unsaid

My heart’s milky palpitation

My stomach’s grainy churls

My bladder’s sooty walls

My liver’s hallow crevice

My toe’s frothy broth

My squishy lungs

Breathe again

Coming into the lucid waters

My arms bellowed out

Crying and fighting

A moment in thought

Passing revelations

I stumble and fall


Combing a wet beach with her legs

She creeps up in his hollow grave

Leaving nothing

But an empty desire

Stolen emptiness

Swollen left brow

Come home son

Sage Gosner

Explorer Extraordinaire. Diving deep into the unknown. Everything is love.

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