Apple Vision Pro Is The End of Reality As We Know It

Sage Gosner
3 min readJun 6

The year is 2223. I am floating lifeless in a vat of goo, being pumped nutrients to keep my body alive as my consciousness lives freely in a remote supercomputer in the Arctic. My day consists of doing literally anything I want. I can fly to a virtual moon. Join a 100 man death match round of hide and seek, fight a Siberian tiger, go on a date with another human consciousness or an indistinguishable AI representation of one, completely customizable. The only limit is my imagination, and even that can be enhanced by AI generated prompts and auto-suggestions.

There’s no limit anymore. There’s no physical space, no time, no repercussions for my actions. I live in a virtual reality where anything and everything is possible. A world where consciousness has separated itself from “reality” as we now know it today.

Is this a utopia or a dystopia? If we have access to everything, everywhere, all at once, will we be happy? Or will we be miserable? Perhaps questions like that won’t even matter at that point. Life itself will have a different meaning altogether.

It is 2023 and the Apple Vision Pro and spacial computing is just the start. A revolution is near. Is my prediction too farfetched? Honestly, I don’t think so.

Remember the original gameboy? That was the cutting edge technology at the time of its release. A portable gaming system where you could play Tetris on a small monochrome screen. And that was just a little over 30 years ago.

The technological progress we have made in 30 years is honestly quite insane if you take a moment to really let it sink in how far we’ve come in such a short span of time.

The technology of the 1980s vs the technology we have today seems like they are worlds apart. And all of these changes happened within a single lifetime.

Just think back to the 17th, 18th or even 19th century. People would live a whole lifetime and not much would change. Heck, even generations would go by and not much would change. There were no radical shifts technology that completely changed the world seemingly overnight. Sure there were changes, but nothing compared to the changes we are now seeing happen just about every few years. And it’s getting faster and faster. Chat-GPT came out…

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