Blending of Eastern Mysticism and Western Technology is key.

I recent epiphany I had during an LSD trip was this title. I have had this epiphany before but now it has come to me more clearly. I know that this is THE KEY to anything you pursue in life.

This single idea. Blending East and West. It is so important, and I am now seeing that those who manage to achieve a perfect balance of these two are able to launch themselves into god levels of success in whatever field they pursue.

I can see the differences so clearly now and I want to point this out.

Case 1: Youtube Influencers

As Youtube is a product of the West, it is unsurprisingly skewed towards a Western perspective. Many of the top Youtubers are very unbalanced and leaning far too into the Western frame of mind. For example… Watch some of the highly influential Finance or Business channels. They have wealth, millions of dollars, millions of subscribers, highly successful business models BUT they are deeply lacking in balance. There is an empitness you feel when you consume this type of content. There is no sense of wonder to them, no art, no beauty or elegance. It is simply money, money, money. Fame, fame, fame. Ultimately this leads to an egoic mind filled with drive and power but lacking in true fulfillment of the soul.

Eastern Influencers, while rarer to see, also have their place on the Youtube space. You can see that many spiritual leaders, yogis, and influencers such as Sadhguru have come to fill in the empty gap on the platform and are giving Youtube and content consumers the much needed balance that their souls deeply desire. A breath of fresh Eastern wisdom air.

And then comes the merging. The so incredibly rare merging of East and West into a perfect and harmonious balance that is so holistic and beautiful that it feels like you can just effortlessly melt into it.

This is rare to find, but there are people out there who was holistically mastered this balance and you can instantly tell that the product or content they create is remarkably different and sublime.

One could argue that this was the reason for Steve Jobs’ and Apple’s success. The idea for the iPod, the iPhone most certainly was inspired by the Eastern Buddhism style of minimalism. There is an art to Apple’s products. It is not just purely functionality and power. There is a beauty in the simplicity of its design, mixed with cutting-edge Western technology.

Same could be argued with Nintendo. It’s not all about power, and graphics with Nintendo. It is about joy, innovative design, and playfulness. This is the influence of Eastern Mysticism into a well known and successful company. Whether it is perfectly balanced or not is not for me to say, but it is to be subtly felt by those who understand and see things holistically.

So to sum this up,

The Eastern mind is where joy, playfulness, soul, and true fulfillment come from.

The Western mind is where incredible breakthroughs in technology, engineering, and entrepreneurial innovation come from.

Blending the two together is where the real magic happens. This is where truly magical and innovative ideas can blossom, because there is something magical happening when two dualities meet.

It’s like seeing a nerd who is also very buff and physically fit.

An introvert who starts a podcast.

Well… maybe something like that. You get the idea.

Anyway have fun blending together your dualities into a holistic whole and I guarantee the results will be incredible.



Explorer Extraordinaire. Diving deep into the unknown. Everything is love.

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Sage Gosner

Explorer Extraordinaire. Diving deep into the unknown. Everything is love.