Doing Kambo and Bufo Ceremonies in Costa Rica | My Experience

Sage Gosner
7 min readMay 8, 2023

It was a beautiful, sunny day in San Jose, Costa Rica. I had just finished up a 2 week volunteer program working on a cattle farm near Manuel Antonio and had started my new life as a “digital nomad”, working online and freeing myself from the hustle of American life for a while.

I was living the dream.

I’d travel all over the country, smoking ganja with the Rastafarians over in Puerto Viejo, beach parties in Jaco, surfing in Tamarindo. I’d wake up early and teach English online for a few hours, go to yoga class, and then maybe study code for a bit, go for a swim at the beach. I was free. I made my own schedule and life in Costa Rica was paradise. They have a deep respect for nature and the vibe is absolute chill. No worries. No stress. They even have a word for their lifestyle, “Pura Vida”, or living the simple life.

As I went about my solo digital nomad life, I had an inner desire to go deeper, to explore more not only through travel but internally as well. I’ve always been an intensely curious person. I feel like I’ve been on a never ending search for meaning in a world that doesn’t provide many answers. I always felt like there was something more out there that I was missing out on, and that led to me traveling the world, experimenting with psychedelics, and going down some very deep rabbit holes to the point where I almost went insane. When you start questioning things deeply, things get pretty weird pretty fast.

But anyway, it was time for me to follow my curiosity and have a real Shamanic experience. I had done some research into Ayahuasca ceremonies, Bufo Ceremonies, and the non-psychedelic Kambo used for cleansing and purifying the mind, body, and spirit.

Initially I was going to attend a multi-day Ayahuasca ceremony but after seeing the price tag of $3000 I looked for alternative options. My $10/hour teacher salary was not financially ready for that

Bufo is the lesser known, but more powerful psychedelic. In fact it is the most powerful psychedelic substance in the world. 5 MeO-DMT, a more potent form of DMT, is sometimes described as the god molecule, the magic pill to enlightenment, a complete transcendence from the ego.



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