Is Alex Hormozi Happy?

Sage Gosner
2 min readMay 25, 2024

Sometimes I lie in bed late at night, thinking to myself, “Is Alex Hormozi happy?”.

I often come across his videos on social media, not because I am interested in what he has to say, but because he has mastered the Youtube algorithm so much that he is almost always guaranteed to pop up on my feed.

From what it seems, he is an extremely successful internet entrepreneur and businessman with probably millions of dollars of net worth.

But.. I don’t think I would want to be him.

In fact, I think I would be quite miserable if I were him.

This goes for Mr. Beast and Andrew Tate as well.

Why does my intuition tell me this?

I believe that it has to do with the external perception of success.

Success itself is an abstract term.

There is no real definition but somehow as a Western societal smorgasbord of labels, we tend to associate success with money, subscribers, and influence.

The problem here is that, we as a collective societal smorgasbord are often very, very wrong.

You see, the popular choice is often… terrible.

Let’s admit it.



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