Leaving America was the BEST Decision of my Life

Sage Gosner
4 min readSep 11, 2023
Manhattan skyline

Leaving America was the best decision of my life. My quality of life has improved significantly, my mental health is better, my social life has improved, I am eating healthier, and yet everyone thinks I’m crazy.

Coming from New York, I am often asked “Why would you leave the greatest city in the world to move here?!”.

And my answer is simple.

New York is NOT the greatest city in the world.

The US is NOT the greatest country in the world.

I can live a much simpler, fulfilling, and socially active life in developing countries than I can in The US.

Living in New York I paid $800/month for an apartment with 7 other roommates in Brooklyn. Winters were brutal. I would work in the gig economy doing food delivery on my bicycle in the freezing cold for 10+ hours a day. I would get back to my apartment with my face numb, snot running down my nose, and I would have to carry my bike up 3 flights of stairs because leaving your bike outside in NYC, even locked up, you are guaranteed to have at least a wheel missing within a few days.

I got slapped in the face by a homeless woman, spit on, verbally abused, and everything in between for absolutely no reason while living in NYC.

Life was just a constant grind, running around a hamster wheel with barely any money saved by the end of the month.

If you don’t have an established career set up already, or the right connections, it’s REALLY hard to live a decent life in America.

It’s easy to get chewed up and tossed out if you make one wrong move, one risky decision, one step off the beaten path. The pressure to succeed has gotten to the point of being toxic, and the American Dream seems to be a distant memory.

It’s clear how the American system can swallow you whole and dictate your entire life. You put so much investment into your education, your 401k, your health insurance, mortgage payments, and before long you can’t even think about escaping. You’re in it for life, and one wrong move and you’re out on the streets or if you are lucky back into your parent’s basement or a communal living space with 5 other men. It’s cutthroat. You can feel it in the air.



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