Living In A Car = Freedom

Sage Gosner
2 min readApr 30, 2024

I am free.

Not because I’m wealthy.

Not because I have material possessions.

I’m free because I live in my car.

I work part time and make near minimum wage but I can set my own hours and work whenever/wherever I want.

I teach English online.

And I’m an Uber driver.

I do some other odd jobs here and there like being an extra in a TV show, or editing videos on Fiverr.

I normally sleep curled up in the back seat with a blanket and a pillow. Nothing fancy. Not the most comfortable sleep. But it works for me.

In sacrificing my comfort of having a home in a bed, I have been given something that in my opinion is better.

Absolute Freedom.

I have no boss. No schedule.

If I want to head off to Thailand tomorrow for a month long vacation I could do so.

This paradigm shift has drastically improved my life.

I remember as far back as elementary school feeling that constricted feeling drilled into all Americans.

Being stuck in a prison cell behind walls and blinded by fluorescent lighting 8+ hours a day.



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