My 5MeO-DMT Trip | One Year Later

Sage Gosner
3 min readDec 18, 2021

It’s been almost one year since my first 5MeO-DMT trip. I’ve done one more trip in that time for a total of 2 trips into the mind of god. So what can I say?

Dear Lord!

What a year it has been. This is definitely not a substance to be taken lightly. Gaining “god consciousness” can have truly life-changing effects, and luckily for me they have been mostly positive.

My main power I have seemingly gained is an ability to live my life outside of all the suffering and pain that the normal meat suit ego experience has to go through.

I do still feel the egoic cravings, depression, pain, such as the desire for sex, money, anger BUT I have opened up a portal now in which I can quickly divert into when these feelings arise. I attribute this directly to my 5MeO trip. Seeing the 5MeO world has permanently opened up a portal in which I know is always there, and I know I don’t have to be trapped in this limited physical realm on the phenomenological level. I know other dimensions exist, a higher truth is there, and knowing that can bring so much relief to any problem I face in this realm such as depression or anxiety or fear of death.

The Mystic Traditions were right

It’s not that 5MeO has exposed anything new that we didn’t already know. Yogis and mystics have discovered this truth thousands of years ago and the practices such as meditation and yoga. The hippie era of the 1960s brought in people like Terrence McKenna, Ram Das, and Timothy Leary into the collective consciousness of the time and millions were able to find freedom from this material frame.

But just like insane technological advances recently, the parallel to this is that we have also advanced our consciousness. 5MeO-DMT is a technology, a tool, and an insanely powerful one at that. This is pretty much a magic pill straight into enlightenment. And it is accessible to almost anyone who feels ready for it. The problem is though that because it is so powerful, the vast majority of people are not ready for this, not interested, and will never discover this truth in their lifetimes.

Are you ready?

It’s a path you can walk. If I could map 5MeO on the path, it would probably be…



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