The Fourth Turning, Age of Aquarius, And Our Collective Awakening

Sage Gosner
3 min readSep 21, 2023

Can you feel it?

There’s something going on here.

It’s not a meteor crashing into Earth. It’s not nuclear armageddon. It’s something more subtle.

There is a shift happening. A cycle is churning.

Can you feel it?

The system that we have been embedded into is being unveiled for what it is, a house of cards. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Just a facade.

Nothing was ever there to hold it up aside from our collective belief. And so as our collective consciousness shifts, it all comes crumbling down.

They’re trying everything. Mugshots of President Trump. Aliens on display at a Mexican Congressional Hearing. The final desperate attempts to bring us back. But it’s too late.

Now we are here. We are in the crisis stage of the cycle. This is the time where it all collapses and we begin anew, similar to what happened after WWII. This is the Fourth Turning, as predicted by Neil Howe and William Strauss in their 1997 book.

The Fourth Turning is a generational cycle that repeats itself every 80 years or so. What starts as a high, ends in crisis and rebuilding a new world, and then the cycle repeats again. This Youtube video by Van Neistat does an excellent job explaining the theory in more detail.

The Fourth Turning is just one of many cycles in this cyclical world of samsara.

Life is cyclical.

There are cycles that occur everyday.

Yearly cycles.

Millennial cycles.

Collective cycles.

Individual cycles.

In astrology, we are now on a longer time scale moving into the Age of Aquarius from the Age of Pisces. The shift is from “me” to “we”. More sharing of information. More transparency. Free exchange of all knowledge and wisdom (internet). This is a 2000+ year cycle. Yet its beginning and end can already be observed.

It is possible to expand beyond your individual self, and tap into collective energy, infinite intelligence, and an intuition that spans across time from before your birth to well after your…



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