The World is Yours to Create

Sage Gosner
2 min readOct 24, 2023

The World Is Yours To Create.

This is the secret.

This reality is yours.

You can own it, morph it, shape it.

How easy it is to get caught up and dragged down by limiting beliefs.

To get caught up in the spinning hamster wheel.

But you gotta stop and slow down and see the bigger picture.

Life is a miracle.

You are a miracle.

A spec a star dust transformed into a conscious human being, capable of self-awareness and exploring itself. The universe created you, to better understand itself, as an extension of itself.

And yet somehow most of us end up going about life as if this isn’t anything special at all.

We live our life chasing money, desires, talking about politics, the latest Netflix show, and we are filled with fear, worry and anxiety about everything.

We worry about bills, inflation, wars, politics, our health, our relationships, and then we die.

For many of us, we don’t even feel like there is any sense of purpose to our lives.

“What should I do with my life?”

And problem with that lies in the question itself.

An uncertain thought will lead to an uncertain life.

If you wish to gain clarity and do something meaningful with your life, you must simply create the meaning yourself.

And where do you find that deep sense of meaning and fulfillment?

It comes from the gut.

Your intuitive guidance.

And if you haven’t found it yet just keep trying.

Try everything.

Explore the depths of what can be experienced.

But you have to expand beyond the conditioned mind.

You have to die before you die, in order to see beyond the self-imposed limitations.

What scares you?

What makes you worry?

What’s something you want to do but you are too worried about what others will think about your decision.

Too worried about what could go wrong.

Too worried about facing discomfort.

Just fly.

Just do it.

Make it up as you go.

A sense of certainty and stability is not necessary to be at peace with life.

You can find peace in any moment if you can sit still in it.

Know that there is nothing to fear, for nothing with last.

And to know that, is true liberation.

This is how we heal the world.

This is how the Earth transforms.

It all starts with YOU.



Sage Gosner

Explorer Extraordinaire. Diving deep into the unknown. Love all.