The World is Yours To Create

Sage Gosner
2 min readAug 5, 2023

To unlock miracles you must simply step beyond what your current conditionings are limiting yourself to. Recognize that any negative thought, limiting belief, fear, or doubts that creep up into your mind are the very things that are keeping you trapped.

“The story you tell yourself is largely the story you’re living.”

-Terrence Mckenna

Beliefs are powerful.

So powerful that they in fact manifest as our reality.

Take a moment to think deeply about what ideas and beliefs you hold closely to you.

What are the repeating thoughts that run through your mind, what do people say about you, who do you think you are?

Now imagine a sledgehammer smashing through every single belief you hold so closely and believe to be true.

Let them all shatter to pieces and recognize that each moment we are free to pivot our direction.

The present moment is always here and it is not tied to the past nor the future, it simply always is this present moment.

The past exists only in your imagination.

Your reality is being constructed right here and now through this present moment.

The more you can let go and expand your consciousness, the more free you are to do anything you want in this life. The choice is always yours.

But the longer we allow these beliefs and conditionings to compound, the harder it becomes to change. We become stubborn, rigid, and boxed-in.

This boxed-in tightly packaged identity can be good or bad. It can be an identity of great character, strength, nobility or one of fear, selfishness, and bitterness.

The key though is to recognize that this identity you have created is an illusion. It is the stacking of conditionings and beliefs over time. A certain wisdom is necessary to see through this.

You can choose to play the character but what is most important is to know that this is just a show. This is all an act and who you chose to play yesterday does not need to be who you play today.

To win the game is to realize we are all just playing a character, but beyond that character lies an inner core of Truth.

The Truth is that there is something far deeper and more powerful going on behind the scenes. Nothing is as it appears to be. And it’s not for me to explain, but for you to find out.



Sage Gosner

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